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NHL Tickets


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Where To Buy Cheap NHL Tickets?

The NHL is increasing in popularity in the US which has caused ticket prices to rise in the past couple years. Last season, the NHL increased its ticket prices by a higher percentage than the NFL, NBA, and MLB. When purchasing NHL tickets, there are many online retailers to consider such as StubHub,, and TicketMaster's NHL Ticket Exchange. If you're looking for the cheapest option without hidden service fees, check out Ticket Monster. Ticket Monster offers low prices and great service for all NHL games including the NHL playoffs and Stanley Cup Finals.

NHL Ticket Prices 2014

NHL ticket prices fluctuate a great deal depending on the teams playing and how soon the game is approaching. During the hockey season, ticket prices generally decrease as the game day approaches, but the best teams' ticket prices have a greater likelihood of increasing.

The 2013 NHL average ticket price was $61.62. The Toronto Maple Leafs had a significantly higher average ticket price than the other teams at $122.20. The next highest average ticket price was only $91.45 for the Vancouver Canucks. Check out the chart below for your favorite team's average face value ticket price compared to the league average or other NHL teams.

Average NFL Ticket Price per team

Data collected from Team Marketing Report in November 2013. Data reflects primary ticket marketplace prices.

Purchasing NHL tickets from the secondary marketplace can be a cheaper alternative to the inflated box office prices. The average NHL ticket price on the secondary marketplace is $65. Ticket Monster compiled the median NHL ticket prices in the secondary market for the 2013-2014 NHL season below.

2014 Average NFL Ticket Price per team in secondary market

Data compiled by Ticket Monster in February 2014. Data reflects secondary ticket marketplace prices.

NHL Attendance

2013 — 2014 NHL average home game attendance (17,587 attendees) was nearly identical to that of the 2012-2013 season (17,720). However, the individual team attendance varied significantly. For example, this past season the Ottawa Senators ranked 13th in average home game attendance, but during the previous 2012-2013 season, the team ranked 6th. The Vancouver Canucks ranked 5th in average attendance this past season, but only 10th last season. Check out the chart below to compare your favorite team's home game attendance to the average home game attendance or other NHL teams.

Average NFL home game attendance

Data collected from 2014 ESPN Attendance Report.

NHL Ticket Sales

Ticket Monster compiled data from the 2013 NHL total sales volume into the chart below. The New York Rangers topped the charts with $11,307,307 in ticket sales revenue. The Boston Bruins were the only other team to earn over $10 million in ticket sales.

Table showing total 2013 ticket revenue for each NFL Team

Data compiled by Ticket Monster in February 2014. Data reflects secondary ticket marketplace prices.