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There is nothing better than enjoying America's favorite pastime live with your family and friends. Thankfully, buying tickets for a baseball game is easy and affordable with Ticket Monster. Ticket Monster's user-friendly website offers customers great prices for all games, including the MLB All Star Game, MLB Playoffs, and World Series. Other popular online ticket retailers such as, TicketMaster, and StubHub charge customers additional service fees on top of the base ticket price. Ticket Monster offers customers the best value on the web with zero additional fees and free shipping. What are you waiting for?

MLB Ticket Prices 2014

The MLB ticket prices reflect a variety of factors. On average, tickets for weekend games are more expensive than weekday games and Saturday games are more expensive than Sunday games. If you're looking for the best price, Tuesday and Wednesday games are normally the cheapest. In general, ticket prices decrease as the event approaches (especially for weekday games), but forecasted weather conditions can greatly affect last-minute pricing. If the game day has a beautiful, sunny forecast, prices might skyrocket a day or two before the game. Similarly, if the weather is unfavorable, prices might decrease.

The 2014 MLB average ticket price was $27.93. Long-time rivals Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are the only two teams with average ticket prices of over $50 for the 2014 MLB season. Check out the chart below for your favorite team's average face value ticket price compared to the league average or other MLB teams.

Chart of Average MBL Ticket Prices

Data collected from Team Marketing Report in March 2014. Data reflects primary ticket marketplace prices.

Purchasing MLB tickets from the secondary marketplace is often a cheaper option depending on the time of purchase. The average MLB ticket price on the secondary marketplace is $29. Ticket Monster compiled the median MLB ticket prices in the secondary market for the 2013-2014 MLB season below.

Chart of Average MLB Ticket Prices in the Secondary Market

Data compiled by Ticket Monster in February 2014. Data reflects secondary ticket marketplace prices.

MLB Attendance

MLB average home game attendance varied widely by team this past season. The 2013 MLB average home game attendance was 30,504 tickets sold. The Los Angeles Dodgers sold, on average, about 15,000 more tickets above average while the Tampa Bay Rays sold, on average, about 12,000 less tickets than average. Check out the chart below to compare your favorite team's home game attendance to the average home game attendance or other MLB teams.

Chart of Average MLB Home Game Attendance

Data collected from 2013 ESPN Attendance Report.

MLB Ticket Sales

Ticket Monster compiled data from the 2013 MLB total sales volume into the chart below. The San Francisco Giants brought in the highest revenue from ticket sales by far with approximately $50 million last season. The next highest team revenue was the New York Yankees at approximately $33 million.

Table of total MLB ticket revenue broken down by team for 2013

Data compiled by Ticket Monster in February 2014. Data reflects secondary ticket marketplace prices.